Four-Wheel Comfort, Two-Wheel Practicality

/ December 11, 2013

There’s nothing like commuting on two-wheels, the biggest perk probably filtering past lanes of stationary and slow moving traffic while being able to return a better fuel economy too. But come the winter months, and those perks are replaced with frozen fingers, despite your best winter gloves, a filthy, barely see-thorugh visor, and a chill to the bone. There is, however, an alternative.

_c8_8468__KB96n4boaf3A1UMWe all enjoy motorcycles, and we all know how much fun the provide. And for many, they’re still an excellent mode of day-to-day transport. If you work in the middle of a bustling city or town centre, commuting by motorcycle comes with a host of perks.

While car drivers sit in stationary traffic, willing the traffic to move forward, it is here that two-wheelers score their biggest points. Filtering through traffic is an excellent and endlessly enjoyable part of riding to work. No stopping in traffic queues is always a positive, as is another half an hour in bed.

You’ll also typically return a better fuel economy, saving you money on fuel. You can park easier, and often for free, in the city centre. And if the sun’s shining at the end of the day, you can take the long way home and squeeze in an evening blast.

But as the weather turns and winter closes in, those perks can often be overshadowed by the numbing of extremities in cold weather, no matter how thick your winter gloves. Spray and salt from the roads all over your visor can make visibility almost impossible, while you get soaked due to the lack of weather protection. Not only that, chances are, especially in the cold weather, you’ll need ample change of clothes when you arrive at your destination, which means squeezing what you can in a rucksack or plumping for a new topbox. There is, however, an alternative.

Enter the 2013 Burgman 650 Executive, which offers the same two-wheel practicality as other motorcycles, but with comfort levels more akin to four-wheeled vehicles. After already proving it’s touring credentials on its launch earlier this year, it’s just as impressive when it turns its hand to city commuting.

AN650ZL3_H4_ImageHeated grips and heated rider and pillion seat as standard helps keep everyone onboard warm, while the ample fairing keeps off the very worst of the winter weather. An electronically adjustable screen also helps ward off the weather, and prevents spray from the greasy surface and rain from smearing over your visor. ABS as standard helps inspire confidence on those greasy roads, too.

Remember the perk of filtering through traffic? Well the Burgman 650 Executive makes that even easier, with mirrors that fold in and out electrically at the push of a button. Parking is easier too, with a handbrake located under the rider’s left thigh, and magnetic ignition cover adds a greater level of security.

Achieving more than 60mpg is easy, with a handy eco-light illuminating on the dash to encourage economical riding, while 50 litres of under-seat storage is enough for two full face helmets, or you clothes for a weekend, with three handy compartments up front adding additional storage space. A DC outlet is also conveniently included to charge phones, satnavs, and other electronic devices on the move.

After a recent trip to the Scottish Highlands aboard a Burgman 650 Executive, freelance journalist Chris Moss said, “With its high level of convenience, comfort, and practicality it’s fair to say it’s one of the most versatile two-wheelers on the market. Cruising at around 80-90mph is no strain at all thanks to the total protection offered by the fairing and electrically-controlled screen. And returning 66mpg is an indication my trip didn’t take much out of the motor either.

_C8_9550“Selecting the auto option of the three gearbox settings available and keeping the ‘eco’ light illuminated on the dash guarantees that sort of economy. The fold-in mirrors are another thoughtful feature of the scooter which helps to make life run that bit more smoothly and is a great time-saver when filtering through cars.

“The Burgman really is something that makes a difference to your life, completely simplifying your transportation, regardless of the nature of the journey. I cannot recommend it highly enough, and I’m confident anyone who tried one would feel exactly the same way.”

If you want to commute with two-wheels through winter but with four-wheeled comfort without the fuss, take a test ride on the Burgman 650 Executive. It might surprise you.