Protect Your Suzuki With Suzuki Insurance

/ March 30, 2013

It’s been six months since the relaunch of Suzuki Insurance Services, a special branch of insurers who cater exclusively for Suzuki owners. With a dedicated team behind the brand who know and understand your Suzuki and its needs, they add additional peace of mind, and should the unthinkable happen, they’re there to help make it right again. We decided to find out exactly how they do that.

Let’s be honest, sorting out insurance for your newly purchased motorcycle is not the bit you look forward to. After pulling the clutch lever a few times and that final kick of the tyre, no one then looks forward to jumping on the phone and sorting out the insurance. But it has to be done. And luckily for Suzuki owners, it’s now easier than ever.

Suzuki Insurance Services provide bespoke care, knowledge and customer service to Suzuki owners. Their priorities? Keeping the task of insuring your motorcycle affordable, while adding in as much value as possible for you, the customer, where you, the customer, want it.

“When we revamped the policy six months ago we wanted to ensure it offered the kind of valuable protection Suzuki owners wanted whilst keeping it affordable,” Mark Rzedzian, the business development manager for Suzuki Insurance Services, explained. “We identified a number ways in which we could achieve this.

“One of the benefits we’ve included is UK Breakdown Cover, which means our policyholders enjoy the reassurance that should they need roadside assistance, it’s there to either get their bike going again or to safely and swiftly transport it to a Suzuki dealer. So straight away you can see where value has been added.”

The thought of being stranded due to a breakdown is one that is afforded very little time by motorcyclists. But until puncture-resistant tyres are invented and radiators impervious to flying stones come about, it can happen. Another risk that no one wants to consider is that you might be involved in an accident. Especially one you didn’t cause. But the chaps at Suzuki Insurance Services have considered this, too.

“We also include something called Motorcycle Legal Protection,” Mark continued. “This can come in really handy if you’re unfortunate enough to have an accident which is not your fault. Basically what it does is pay up to £100,000 in legal fees to help a rider recover any uninsured losses such as your policy excess and earnings if you had to take time off work. It offers real peace of mind that you won’t be out of pocket for a non-fault accident.”

But it’s not just through add-ons that customer’s receive better value for their Suzuki insurance.

“We also looked at how we might further improve our service and launched a new training programme to ensure our staff are totally immersed in Suzuki. We have also strengthened ties with the Suzuki dealer network, too. The network plays an important role in helping us improve our claims service because more often than not they will be responsible for repairing and restoring bikes damaged through accident or theft. As far as possible we want to keep everything within the Suzuki family because we know owners chose the brand based on its reputation and the trust and confidence they have in it.

“When we receive a claim we will, wherever possible, direct a repair to an official Suzuki dealer. We do that mainly because we know they are absolutely steeped in Suzuki. No-one knows the bikes better. That gives us the confidence that our customers will benefit from a specialist Suzuki repair service but it clearly also means dealers earn invaluable revenue which might otherwise go to another repair shop. It’s a win-win.”

Suzuki’s Marketing Manager, George Cheeseman explained his pleasure at the newly revamped Suzuki Insurance Services, and what he thinks it means for new and existing Suzuki customers.

“I’m really pleased with the service and professionalism the guys involved in the new Suzuki Insurance Services initiative have shown since it’s relaunch six months ago. The team there have totally immersed themselves in the Suzuki way of life, something that was very important to us, and something that is important to our customers, too. That’s why they chose Suzuki in the first place.

“They offer excellent, additional value to our fantastic and loyal customers, and if you are unlucky enough to need their expertise, they make the whole process quick and easy, and the support they’re showing the dealer network too is great. It’s great for our customers, as they can rest assured their Suzuki is in the hands of people that know it inside out, and it’s great for our dealers, as it gets people through their doors.”

To find out more about Suzuki Insurance Services or to get a quote, call  0808 1692 333