PJ Jacobsen Blog

/ January 14, 2013

PJ Jacobsen has signed up to ride the GSX-R1000 Superbike alongside Josh Brookes for Tyco Suzuki in 2013, after impressing everyone on his Superstock and Supersport outings this year. He chatted about winter in the states and his anticipation for the new season.

As many of you will already know, I headed back to New York after the 2012 British championship season ended, which I have to say was a very exciting few months for me with the Tyco Suzuki guys and their sponsors.

It was a case of back to reality and pretty much back to work! When I got back home, I was really in the mood for some terrible greasy American food, so the first night I was home, I hung out with all my buddies and Danielle my girlfriend and just chowed down on some pizza and buffalo wings.

I just relaxed for a couple weeks after, working and enjoying my time back home in New York. I started getting back into training in December; not real hard, just easing back into it.

I really enjoyed spending Christmas and New Year with my family and Danielle, and it’s something that you definitely should cherish. After the holidays I have really just been waiting for the ice and we finally got it.

Since then I have just been doing a lot of ice riding and really got back into training hard for the season at the start of January. Not too much is really going on, on my side of the pond. I’ll try to spend as much time with my family and friends as I can until Danielle and I take off for Northern Ireland around the start of March to set up home for the season.

I really can’t wait to see everybody in the team and settle in. Being there last year helped a lot and I know what to expect which is pretty much, all good. Having secured the deal to ride the Superbike alongside Josh, I just can’t wait to get started and it will be pretty special seeing my name on the screen on one of those tricked up GSX-R1000 Tyco Suzuki Superbikes.

I’m now counting down the days until I get to pull my new leathers on for the season – so I’m sure I’ll see you all pretty soon.