Danny Hart Blog: Podiums In Yorkshire, Fun in France

/ December 2, 2012

Danny Hart is a World Downhill Mountain Bike Champion and enjoys anything on two-wheels. He rides for the Giant Factory race team, but in his spare time he likes to go racing and practicing on his RM-Z250. He’ll be regularly be keeping us up to date as he prepares for his 2013 season.

In November I took the RM-Z to race at Grange Moore for the second round of the White Rose Yorkshire Winter Series. It was my first time riding hard pack in forever, so I was a bit nervous to be honest.

We arrived Saturday night with me. Dave, my mechanic from the mountain biking, also came along as help too. We woke on Sunday morning and walked round the track and decided that we were going to try and find somewhere else to ride if we could. The track was a bog and so muddy. However, we couldn’t get out of the field, so we decided to race after all.

In the end it turned out to be a really good event. I went out in practice and the track was a mess and just felt like you couldn’t push anywhere. I was entered in the A class but when the first race came around I got a really good start and I was in the top five early on.

I just did my own thing in the race and eventually I dropped back to seventh, but I was quite pleased with my showing. The second race was going really well and I got another great start and was in the top five again. Sadly though I had a little mishap and went off into the ropes; that was my race over.

The third race came around and the track ended up being really good; quite rough, and rutty. My start wasn’t great; I got a good jump but then went to wide in the first corner, so I was buried back in maybe 10th, so I had my work cut out.

But I got right back through and up to third. I stuck it out and and came away with a the third and a podium in the race. I was very happy with that but sadly, with the disaster of the second race, I came home with a 10th overall.

I planned to go from there to the Ryan Mason Fundraiser at Fat Cats, but due to adverse weather it was postponed until December 16. So we made a very late decision to go over to Dunkirk, France, to get some good solid riding done.

I had never been here before but only ever heard good things. We travelled over in a race truck we managed to use through a friend of a friend, which was cool. My dad was working late so he drove down and met us in a service station where we slept on friday night for a few hours before getting the Euro Tunnel early Saturday morning.

The riding in Dunkirk was really good. I believe if you can ride the sand there you can ride it anywhere. It was very rough and the track is nearly a five minute lap. We stayed and rode for two days to get some good solid riding in before the next outing.

Riding motocross is so important in my training for the downhill mountain bike season, and also just good fun, so I’m looking forward to getting out on the Suzuki again soon.

Time for X Factor…