Keith Flint Blog: Sad Goodbye to GSX-R750

/ March 26, 2012

Keith Flint is the front man of world famous band The Prodigy and an all-round motorcycling nut. He is campaigning two GSX-R1000s in the Hottrax National Endurance Championship for the second successive year with Team Traction Control, and is an ardent Suzuki fan. Find out what he’s up to and read his bike reviews, here.

I arrived back from Germany and the Nurburgring last week (which I’d been thrashing a Suzuki Swift Sport around, but that’s another story) to be greeted by a new GSR750 ABS, which I’ll be running for the next couple of months.

However, that means I wave a sad goodbye to the GSX-R750 that I have had for the past year, but man, I have to say, I have loved it. To say it truly is an all round bike and the only bike you’ll ever need is no lie.

It’s a mega track bike, which I really found out when I went to Aragon last year. It’s really poised and planted, but with no lack of power it will drive out of the bends like a steam train. But it’s also so light and nimble it really gives you the confidence to maintain great entry speed. Honestly, what a track bike; I love it.

But on the flipside I’ve used it all year to go up to London to the studio, and again the GSX-R works a treat. It’s easy to use through traffic and so light, too, that when you see a space you can just go for it.

Come rain or shine I’d ride it in, but on the sunny days I’d always pull off and take the back roads and really enjoy what the bike can do. It really felt like that’s where it was at home, and I always got home buzzing!

What really confirmed to me how much I’d fallen in love with the GSX-R750 was when Michael Neeves, who was riding the same bike, suggested we go to the French MotoGP at Le Mans. So we tapped up Rizla Suzuki for some passes and off we went.

On a four and a half hour ride the bike didn’t become cramped, and even though I had a tank bag on it still felt nimble and light, which allowed us to get stuck into some of the French back roads. And, with not wanting to sound like my old man, it was mega on gas, too, and cheap to run!

It’s sad to see it go, but now I’ll get my teeth into the GSR750, and let you know how it goes.

Keep rocking. Here comes some sun, so lets enjoy!